The Nereus Project Series

A Deep Sea Thriller Series by J.A. Johnson & K.G. McAbee

“A HIGH-PRESSURE NIGHTMARE AT DEPTH! BRAVO TO THIS WRITER DUO!” ~ Richard C. Meehan, Jr., award-winning author of Ford the Pacholet, a Revolutionary War historical fiction novel.

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Nereus I: Attack from the Depths

When Gwen Ericksen, a struggling science vlogger desperately struggling to pay her bills, gets an offer from the richest man on the planet, well, how can she possibly refuse?
Her sweet new job: spend six weeks underwater on the Nereus I, a cutting-edge facility for exploration and eco-tourism in the East Atlantic. There she’ll use her skills to share with the world what life is like on the station and the new and exciting discoveries being made there.
What could be more inspiring? What could be more thrilling?
What could be more deadly…..?

Nereus II: Blood Currents

Gwen Ericksen swore she’d never take another job from Lando Reyes…until a hacker called Spider finally manages to decipher the final message left her by the oceanographer, Dr. Baako Abara.
Now she knows what happened on the Nereus I was just the beginning. The entire world could soon be facing the utmost danger.
But Gwen needs more information. The only place she knows it can be found is on Reyes’ newest project, a complex of aquaculture domes called Nereus II off Brazil’s coast.
Get in, get the information, get out. Easy.
Then the attacks begin…

Nereus III: Dark Abyss

When Gwen Ericksen’s infant daughter is kidnapped by the insidious Nereus Project, she and her battle-hardened team embark on a perilous mission to rescue the child. But first, they must locate the elusive Nereus III, the mobile deep-sea station believed to be the project’s beating black heart.
All of the team have fought monsters before, from giant mutated isopods to massive anglerfish-piranha hybrids, but nothing in their past can possibly prepare them for what they must now confront…in the Dark Abyss.

Nereus IV: The Ocean Within

Gwen has found her stolen daughter at long last. But now she and her team are trapped onboard the sinking Nereus III, pursued by monsters both human and otherwise. As the waters rise and the creatures swarm, will they be able to survive the ocean within?

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