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From J.A. Johnson, author of “Dragons West” and co-author of “The Nereus Project: Deeps Sea Thriller Series” comes…

“Treasure of the Jaguar King”

Adam Conrad was orphaned when his parents vanished in the Nicaduran jungle seeking the legendary Treasure of the Jaguar King. Now, twenty years later, he finds himself drawn into the quest for the cursed treasure. Adam’s closest friend, a fellow orphan named Atziri, is a young, indigenous woman with a mysterious link to the treasure. Together they follow a trail of danger and betrayal into the uncharted heart of the jungle where danger and death abound and every step could be their last.

All 34 Episodes now available Kindle Vella


The year is 1874. Vince Browder is about to unleash a plague- and pestilence-breathing dragon upon an unsuspecting young nation. All that stands between him and the ultimate land grab is young Matthew Graham and a dragon of his own named Crazy Squirrel.        Against seemingly impossible odds, Matthew is joined by a band of heroic individuals including the legendary Baxter Fleming; The Miracle Marksman, Francisco Ochoa; The Bolo Kid, Americus Freeman, Cordelia McKenna and, of course, Bax’s faithful horse, Turquoise Bill. In a quest that will take our heroes from a quiet Michigan town, across a vast continent, to the twisted heart of a dead volcano deep in Death Valley, the adventure never stops.

The action continues in, “Dragons West: Book Two: Boom Town”, coming soon!

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