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The year is 1874. Vince Browder is about to unleash a plague- and pestilence-breathing dragon upon an unsuspecting young nation. All that stands between him and the ultimate land grab is young Matthew Graham and a dragon of his own named Crazy Squirrel.        Against seemingly impossible odds, Matthew is joined by a band of heroic individuals including the legendary Baxter Fleming; The Miracle Marksman, Francisco Ochoa; The Bolo Kid, Americus Freeman, Cordelia McKenna and, of course, Bax’s faithful horse, Turquoise Bill. In a quest that will take our heroes from a quiet Michigan town, across a vast continent, to the twisted heart of a dead volcano deep in Death Valley, the adventure never stops.

The action continues in, “Dragons West: Book Two: Boom Town”, coming soon!


Iionii is an altered human, a water-alt, to be specific. Amphibious, sleek, beautiful, graceful, delicate, and deadly, she works and lives in Haven’s Water District. She can move with lightning speed, she can swim like a fish, she can love and she can dream. But, like all altered humans, Iionii is denied the one thing she wants most… a child. In the depths of the Lake, she makes a discovery that will change the course of history in the subterranean world called Haven. Her discovery will change her too, but in ways no one could predict.

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