Legends of the Coast

An Exciting Fantasy Adventure filled with 29 Full Color Illustrations!

Legends of the Coast

Discovered as infants on a South Carolina beach, Alex and Jessica Harker have grown up believing themselves to be orphans. But when the wards of the Briar Ridge Orphanage arrive at Camp Sea Grass for a summer vacation, the twins find themselves whisked back through time to a South Carolina quite distinct from the one they have known. It is a world of talking animals, magic spells, sea serpents and living skeletons.

It is a world gripped in fear the sorceress Elektra Stith and her rival, the infamous pirate, Captain Skarz; both of whom want the twins for purposes of their own.

With the help of strange new friends and allies, Alex and Jessica must embark on a perilous adventure to unravel the truth of their origins and save the world from the rise of a seemingly unstoppable evil.

For they are…


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