Gilbert and the Clockwork Pirates

A Fantasy Adventure filled with Excitement and 31 Fabulous Illustrations!

Gilbert and the

Clockwork Pirates

Noah Macgregor and his sister Holli were looking for their dog Gilbert in the rickety old house that, three hundred fifty years ago, belonged to the dread pirate Captain Ambrose Craven. They find Gilbert…just as he runs full speed into…and it looks like, through…a painting.
Wait, what? A painting?
Naturally, they follow their dog; wouldn’t you? Imagine their surprise when they find themselves in a strange sort of alternate colonial South Carolina, where animals talk and weird clockwork pirates walk.
But it gets worse.
Captain Ambrose Craven and his hideous stream-driven minions stand between the kids and their only way back home. Hopefully their new friends—both two-legged and four—will be able to help…

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