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Here is just a sampling of the wonderful entertainment from EVANATION STUDIOS

Drawing with Cheesecake the Cat

Introduction to Drawing with Cheesecake the Cat

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Comics & Kids Books


In a far flung corner of the galaxy spins the water world, Azur. Blue, beautiful, and deadly in the extreme, Azur is home to some of the galaxy’s strangest lifeforms. It is also home to Skyfish; and on all of Azur there is no other creature like him. Without fang or claw, gill or fin, he should have died in infancy, yet he survived. And now, when all seems pointless to him, Skyfish discovers what he has always suspected. He is not from Azur at all! What secrets does Azur’s cobalt deep hold for him? What secrets is it keeping from him?

Squeaky, Squealy, and Oink

Squeaky, Squealy, and Oink are piglets. Their favorite food is slop. In fact, they just can’t get enough of it. But when they go out to play, they are told, “do not get clean or there will be no second helping of yummy slop for lunch”. Don’t get clean. Sounds easy, you say? Squeaky, Squealy, and Oink soon learn otherwise in this delightful little adventure.

Duck and Ball

When Ball bounces into Duck’s life Duck is happy and things are fun, but Ball can roll more than Duck can run.

Novels, Novellas, & Short Stories

The Wild, Wild Quest: An Epic Fantasy of America’s Old West

The year is 1874. Vince Browder is about to unleash a plague- and pestilence-breathing dragon upon an unsuspecting young nation. All that stands between him and the ultimate land grab is young Matthew Graham and a dragon of his own named Crazy Squirrel.
Against seemingly impossible odds, Matthew is joined by a band of heroic individuals including the legendary Baxter Fleming; The Miracle Marksman, Francisco Ochoa; The Bolo Kid, Americus Freeman, Cordelia McKenna and, of course, Bax’s faithful horse, Turquoise Bill. In a quest that will take our
heroes from a quiet Michigan town, across a vast continent, to the twisted heart of a dead volcano deep in Death Valley, the adventure never stops.


Iionii is an altered human, a water-alt, to be specific. Amphibious, sleek, beautiful, graceful, delicate, and deadly, she works and lives in Haven’s Water District. She can move with lightning speed, she can swim like a fish, she can love and she can dream. But, like all altered humans, Iionii is denied the one thing she wants most… a child. In the depths of the Lake, she makes a discovery that will change the course of history in the subterranean world called Haven. Her discovery will change her too, but in ways no one could predict.

Razza Ma’Razza It’s Called a snuggly Puff, Silly Boy

Razza Ma’Razza is the biggest media star in the galaxy; loved and adored by billions. Even so, she can’t help believing that her rival talk show host, Brock Caster, is somehow always managing to one-up her.
So, when “The Caster” brings his new pet onto his show, Razza sets out on a quest to outdo her ratings nemesis. The results are not what anyone expects.

The Seething: A Zombie Chronicle

Intended for Mature Audiences

A while back there was this outbreak, followed shortly thereafter by the recently dead seething out of morgues and hospitals. That’s why the walking dead are called ‘seethers’. And the disease isn’t spread just by bites from these risen dead, oh no. Mosquitoes can also spread the illness, so mosquito repellent is worth its weight in gold. So, it’s half-past the middle of the apocalypse, and a man sends a policeman to help his wife and three little girls. Back home with the family, it’s not all roses and sunshine. The baby girl is sick, and the mom has taken her to get help, leaving the two older girls alone. Well, alone except for their brave dog, Rascal. Then, as if things couldn’t possibly get worse—they do. Will the policeman escape the horde of ravening seethers and make it out of town? Does the drunk he stumbles across really know a secret? Does the mom find help for her oddly cold and unresponsive baby? And what about the two girls left alone, with only a small dog for protection?THE SEETHING. A new kind of horror….

Coloring Books

Imps: A Coloring Book For The Coloring Artist In You

Lost your car keys? Does your sugar taste like salt? Have you brushed your teeth with glue instead of toothpaste? Well, my friend, it sounds like you’ve got “Imps”. That’s right. “Imps”. Their mischief is all around you, but you’ve probably never even been able to glimpse the little pranksters. Until now. Open the pages of “Imps”, and color the little troublemakers as they engage in all manner of rascality and misbehavior. Relax, smile, and… “Satisfy your inner Coloring Bug” today!

Fishy Business: A Coloring Book For The Coloring Artist In You

Fishy Business brings you all of the enjoyment and relaxation of a home aquarium without all of the hassle and upkeep! Every page of Fishy Business brings you a variety of fish and a new scene to color! Plus, as an added bonus, two pages of Fishy Business are nothing but fish for you to color and then paste into your favorite pages from the book! “Satisfy your inner coloring bug” today!

Look for all this and more from EVANATION STUDIOS!

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